Cancel Deployment#

Cancel Deployment#

If you modify the SQL code for a deployment, add or delete parameters to or from the WITH clause, or change the version of a deployment, you must deploy the deployment again as a draft (you can directly modify the Jar/Python deployment from the Configuration page), and cancel the deployment, and then restart the deployment to make the changes take effect. If a deployment fails and cannot reuse the state data to recover, you must cancel and then restart the deployment. This section explains how to cancel a deployment.


  • The deployment is running.


The system retains only the latest checkpoint when a deployment is running. When the deployment is canceled, the system does not automatically delete the checkpoint.

  1. Log in to Ververica Cloud.

  2. On the Dashboard page, locate the workspace you want to manage, click the title of the workspace or this icon ⋮, and select Open Console.

  3. In the left-side navigation pane of the Console, click Deployments.

  4. On the Deployments page, find the desired deployment and click Cancel in the Actions column.


You can also:

  • Stop With Savepoint: If you want the system to create a savepoint before the deployment is canceled, you can click More Strategies and select Stop With Savepoint in the Cancel this deployment dialog box. If you select Stop With Savepoint, the system creates a savepoint for the deployment and then the deployment enters the cancel process.

  • Stop With Drain: If you select this option, the deployment is permanently terminated. For more information, see the Drain section.


If you want to restart the deployment later, do not select this option. If you select this option, an error may occur when the deployment is resumed.

  1. Click OK.