Deploy to Production#

This document explains how to deploy a SQL draft. The FlinkSQL code of a SQL deployment must be created or updated via deploying corresponding SQL draft.

Background Information#

Unlike a Jar or Python deployment, deploying a SQL draft is the only way to create a SQL deployment.


  1. Log in to Ververica Cloud.

  2. On the Dashboard page, locate the workspace you want to manage, click the title of the workspace or this icon ⋮, and select Open Console.

  3. In the left-side navigation pane of the Console, click SQL editor and choose the Drafts tab.

  4. Double click to open the SQL draft and click on the Deploy button. A deploy dialog box will pop out.

  1. Enter some comments for this deploy version. Under advanced options, you can choose to deploy to a session cluster rather than a per-job deployment target and skip the validation while deploying. After which, click Confirm.


After clicking on Confirm, your SQL deployment will appear at the top of the deployment list under the Deployments page, after which you can start the deployment process. Additionally, a new SQL draft version will be generated, and you can check it out by clicking the Versions button on the right-side tabs in the SQL editor.